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Going Beyond Binding for Protein Drug Discovery

The current state-of-the-art method for screening protein drugs is phage display, which identifies candidate proteins that bind specified targets. Such binding centric drug discovery is limited by assumptions about the correct drug target, and the premise that binding equals activity.

Our approach enables activity-based discovery of protein drugs within intact signaling networks in living cells. Simply put, we find drugs that affect the targeted network underlying a disease, which requires less a priori knowledge. Using this method, we build drug discovery pipelines before disease pathways are comprehensively understood, which can take decades to achieve. We have the potential to speed up therapeutic discovery and yield promising drugs that cannot be found through binding centric screening.

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We’re a passionate team relentlessly working towards advancing protein drug discovery
Dr. Douglas Chapnick
Dr. Douglas ChapnickCEO & Founder
Doug’s academic career initially focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms behind signaling networks and cell behavior. He was an integral team member in the DARPA Rapid Threat Assessment project at The University of Colorado, Boulder, where he gained expertise in proteomics, metabolomics, and phenotypic microscopy screening. He has also authored over 16 academic research publications.
Jeremy Jacobsen
Jeremy JacobsenDirector of Bioinformatics & Automation
Jeremy operates at the intersection of mechanical and electrical engineering and data analysis with an emphasis on biological data sets. Prior to joining BioLoomics, he was an analyst for the DARPA Rapid Threat Assessment project at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He specializes in large multidimensional datasets and has applied this expertise to proteomics, metabolomics, and microscopy data.
Karen Foster
Karen FosterDirector of Operations
Karen is a business administrator and project manager who has developed skills in several different industries including non-profits that study climate change and travel organizations. She manages our day-to-day business operations and projects including website and social media management, inventory management, and accounting.
Ted Kee
Ted KeeDirector of Research & Development
Ted has over 10 years of biotech industry experience, specializing in Manufacturing Science and Technology (MSAT). He has held process development and engineering positions at several industry-leading pharmaceutical companies. Ted relocated to Colorado from California to lead the effort to streamline, standardize, and scale up BioLoomics’ research and development.

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