Published On: June 24th, 2021Categories: News

BioLoomics is joining KIF1A.ORG in its search for a treatment and cure for KIF1A-Associated Neurological Disorder (KAND). We are applying our evolution-in-a-microscope technology to build high throughput drug discovery tools that detect candidate therapeutics for KAND, as well as identify novel drug targets.

KAND is a progressive and sometimes fatal genetic disorder caused by mutations in the KIF1A gene that usually presents at birth or early in childhood. There is currently no treatment or cure, and scientists have only a limited mechanistic understanding of the condition. It can lead to serious symptoms including cognitive impairment; difficulties walking due to progressive muscular weakness and stiffness in the legs; the loss of control of bodily movements; weakness, numbness, and pain in the hands and feet; visual impairments; and epilepsy. KAND is known to affect at least 300 people worldwide; however, experts believe it is likely that tens of thousands of people are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed due to a lack of access to genetic testing. Visit KIF1A.ORG to get to know how people and their families live with KAND.

Our mission at BioLoomics is to create life-saving therapeutics by scaling drug candidate search potential to approach the vastness of protein chemical space. The VariVolve Platform, our evolution-in-a-microscope technology, was built to harness the power and throughput potential of single-cell testing. BioLoomics uses this tech to make drug discovery tools, biosensing drugs, and gene therapies. Using single cells as test tubes, we create cellular libraries to introduce new functions to existing proteins. These cellular arrays enable BioLoomics to conduct massively parallel tests of protein variant designs. When we identify cells with new functions (rare variant proteins), we isolate them with our proprietary cell picking hardware. Picking cells mimics the process of natural selection, but occurs millions of times faster than achieved by nature. Our approach requires less knowledge about a disease’s mechanism of action to find effective treatments than most drug discovery strategies and expands the search potential far beyond 96-well formats.

We’re determined to make a difference and push forward the understanding of KAND. Please support our mission by donating to KIF1A.ORG.