Biosensor AssaysBiosensor Assays

Preclinical R&D Services

Previously, it could take months or years to develop assays for a new target. Our platform makes that possible in a matter of weeks. We screen small molecules and biologics in living human cells using engineered fluorescent biosensor proteins.

Our ever-growing biosensor gene library enables us to rapidly build high-throughput screening tools for a wide range of drug targets.

Our Biosensors Measure Target Activity Effects at Specific Subcellular Locations

Biosensor Assays
Why live-cells?

Capture Drug Effects that Require Complex Molecular Interactions Within the Native Cellular Ecosystem

Live-cell biosensor assays enable continuous monitoring of challenging targets at specific locations in intact signaling networks. Traditional cell-free and destructive assays are frequently unsuitable for detecting subcellular protein activities, and overlook the complexity of target function in a signaling network. Live-cells balance physiological relevance with scalability.

Let’s create and find rare variants that work.

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