Published On: May 11th, 2021Categories: News

BioLoomics closed a $575,000 round of seed funding on May 11, 2021. The funds were contributed by private investors, including several investors who participated in the pre-seed round. BioLoomics will use the seed funding to apply the technology that was refined in the pre-seed period, expand the team, continue producing industry leading biosensors, and begin developing biosensing biologics.

The VariVolve platform leverages evolution in a microscope to produce novel biosensors for high throughput screening and to create drug candidates with improved target specificity. We test millions of protein designs for a targeted activity in hours, enabling efficient mining of the vast chemical space of protein designs. BioLoomics uses whole, intact cells as test vessels that capture complex drug behavior which is not attainable in conventional assays.

The team at BioLoomics is beyond grateful for the support of our investors. We are eagerly looking toward a future with biosensing biologics available to treat many different diseases and conditions.

BioLoomics is on a mission to tackle disease with smart protein drugs. If you have a difficult to solve problem in drug discovery, or require higher quality assays for your search, contact us.