Safer, More Effective Medicines With Innovative Antibody Solutions

Safer, More Effective Medicines With Innovative Antibody Solutions

Evolving Spatially Programmable Antibody Degraders

Modular & Programmable Antibody Scaffolds

Illustration of engineered protein

Modular & Programmable Antibody Scaffolds

Spatially Targeted Antibodies

We are applying our Design, Build, Test, Learn workflow to discover and develop antibody scaffolds that drive cell surface targets to the lysosome in a tissue specific manner.

We are achieving this goal by engineering new sequences into traditional antibody scaffolds (IgG, scFv, VHH) and by vast testing of designs for intracellular trafficking, target trafficking and endocytic flux. These scaffolds have the promise to overcome multiple limitations in Biopharma in the areas of tissue specificity, manufacturing and ADC efficacy.

Evolution in a Microscope

Our Technology: Evolution in a Microscope

Antibody Library Engineering and Image Based Single-Cell Screening Powered by Computer Vision & Cell Picking

We have developed a suite of advanced methods to explore antibody design space in search of antibodies that drive target translocation within cells. This process starts with synthetic biology to engineer cells to secrete spatially restricted antibody candidates. Using fluorescent reporters, cell imaging, and machine learning, we identify antibody designs of interest. These candidate designs are removed from the library using high throughput cell picking and sequencing. By executing this process iteratively, we navigate through the protein fitness landscape for high activity designs.

Illustration using mutagenesis to create new variants

Partner with us to explore the vast protein chemical space.

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